Thoroughbred Racing At Its Best In Melbourne Cup And Grand National

A type of horse breed trained specially for races is called Thoroughbred. They have good agility, speed and spirit. They are nick named as hot blooded horses. A worldwide sporting even with this type of horses is called as Thoroughbred racing. The famous and more reputed horse races like Melbourne Cup and Grand National are Thoroughbred races. While the former is held with pomp and vigor in Australia, the latter is held in Liverpool, England. They are handicap races where the horses have to carry weight according to their performance, giving every horse a competitive edge to win the race.

Eyebrow Threading – For The Perfect Brows That Define Your Face

The art of threading eyebrows and giving it the perfect arched shape to define your features is an art that dates back to centuries. It all started off with queens who took efforts to present themselves, while the eyes and eyebrows were the focus points of beautifying!

Eyebrow threading is usually found in every salon’s service catalogue in India, while it is a DIY in other countries. The most reached out tools include tweezers.